GTK3 : How for get Window resize event only when window is resized not while created


I’m working GTK3 application in c++. I want to capture window resize event when window is resized. I’m connecting to “configure-event” signal. But this signal is raised multiple times even when window is created. I don’t want to handle resize event when windows is created, is there a way where I can get to know or can not handle resize when window is created?

Thank you
Harshithraj P

You may connect to configure-event after the first map-event

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Thank you for the response, I first attached map-event and then attached configure-event signal in map-event definition. Still it did not work, resize was called 3 times when window first came up.

In my implementation, I’m first creating the GTK window and returning the main thread back to OS. Then I’m creating the window contents and adding it to window.


Looks like it was a WSL issue, its working thank you

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