GTK3/C/Arch - cannot modify color of any widgets

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I have gtk3 installed with pacman on Arch.

I have been trying all kinds of methods to set the colors of widgets, including gtk_widget_override_background_color, gtk_widget_override_color, and gtk_widget_modify_fg.

I have tried using CSS providers - I have copy-pasted the code provided in the top answers here: gcc - How to define the color of a GtkButton using Gtk+3 (in C) - Stack Overflow and here: gtk3 - Problems with GtkCssProvider and CSS styles - Stack Overflow and tried running both on my system

Everything compiles and runs, but none of the methods listed above have worked to change the default color of anything in the window. AFAICT [some of] the other style properties set by in the code in the second link, work fine. Anyone have an idea what I might I be missing?

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