Gtk3 apps on macOS

I built Gtk 3.24.10 on Mac 10.15.1 using Cerbero. I run Pitivi and it’s surprisingly usable, but there are some issues, such as:

  • the window appears but cannot be interacted with until it’s de-focused and re-focused
  • some icons appear bad
  • gtk3-demo segfaults
  • if I create a title clip for some reason parts of the UI start to disappear showing the window/background behind, and soon after this happens, the UI appears double in size and is not usable anymore.

I’m looking into how to get a useful backtrace out of gtk3-demo at the moment.

Any idea what could cause the UI becoming transparent and the UI double? One year ago I tried building the deps with Homebrew, and I remember exactly the same issue.

Are there any popular GTK apps on Mac?

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