Gtk way of doing pull to refresh?

What is the “correct” way of allowing the user to trigger the reload of the contents of a list?
In mobile platforms the user tries to scroll a list “over the top”, it shows a reload message in a hidden row and triggers the reload.

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In GTK 3, we have edge reached signal by scrolled window :
You can try to implement what you wanted with something like this.

I considered that but it seems we can’t yet disable edge-overshot. From my understanding, if I tried to use edge-reached, I would get the signal once and the user would still see the edge-overshotvisual effect over the “pull to refresh” thingy.

EDIT: Additional problem: edge-reached is only triggered if there is enough content to enable scrolling.

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edge-reachedis also not triggered if he list is already at the top/bottom. :frowning:
edge-overshot would be the right thing if there was a way of disabling the visual effect on a certain edge.

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