Gtk_signal_list_ item_factory_new calls bind/unbind way to often

Ok, just did my first programming with list factories and i see that bind/unbind signal callbacks are not only called when a list items comes into view (even if not in view and in the overscroll area) but also when the selection changes.

I would very much prefer the later should get some of it’s own signals but i understand why this is done.

But i was very surprised by the waste of computation power (and undocumented) is that when i have a list and selected the first item. and then click and select an item at the end, all items in between also get bind/unbind calls. This is just unncessary. And at least should be mentioned in the documentation.

This is also a problem with the design error for different widget layouts where you have to melt the setup signal code into your bind callback code.

BTW: you can’t use the function name “gtk_signal_list_item_factory_new” inside the title of a post because the forum software comes up with an error “An error occurred: Title seems unclear, one or more words is very long?”. Please disable this setting.

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