Gtk_option_menu_set_menu(); gtk_menu_bar_append(); method not available in GTK3

Below APIs are deprecated, how to find out the replacement of APIs in GTK3?

GtkOptionMenu in general is long deprecated (2004!), You’ll want to look at GtkComboBox[Text]

The docs have already given you the answer - gtk_menu_shell_append

Of course In Gtk3 you’ll most likely want to look at using menumodels as they are generally nicer to work with and will make the move to Gtk4 simpler

Happy Porting :slight_smile:

Hi zbrown,
I am happy to see quick response, atleast I can proceed with your inputs.

There are more APIs method , I am struggling to find the right replacement of deprecated method.


I am new and not able to extract the exact information from available reference manual.

Please help me as I am not expert GNOME developer. Thanks for your support.

most of them have documented replacements

GTK_CHECK_MENU_ITEM should still be a thing and you probably want to gtk_main_quit

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