GTK fullscreen faulty behaviour on overflow

Using gtk_fullscreen_on_monitor(), one can launch 2 fullscreen windows on separate monitors. As I’ve already discovered previously,, inaccurate sizing (whether min-widths, or font-size, or label wrap settings) results in a failure (“crash”) of fullscreen mode on at least one of the monitors. I’ve just assumed this is a quirky bug, and have been manually adjusting sizing whenever I detect there is an overflow that would cause the fullscreen failure.

However, when logging in to GNOME, the zoomed-out overview results in a different fullscreen monitor calculation than normal operations. Thus, often a window that does not overflow and “crash” the fullscreen in normal operations, WILL overflow and crash if launched as an autostart application. More concerningly, when the screen is clicked and the overview closes, full screen apps are NOT resized, and the fullscreen crash persists.

Using the minimal reproducible example from here, it suffices to change rnum from 10 to 11 to activate a fullscreen failure.

Is it possible to fix GTK full screen, so that it doesn’t leave full screen when faced with horizontal overflows?

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