Gtk application resolution

Hello Gtk community,
I am developing a GTK application on embedded SOC. We have developed the complete application for a 1024x600 resolution for a 10 inch touch screen display. Now the problem is, we are now changing the display to 7 inch, so we need to change application resolution to be 800x480. I can change the UI file to this resolution but the problem is now I am not having 7 inch display. That is I need to develop a 800x480 resolution application in a bigger screen. So after developing the application for 800x480 in a 10 inch display will it be suitable for 7 inch display of same resolution?

Short answer is: yes. But make sure that you have exactly 800x480 pixels for your application, not something less. For example you could have WM decorations, etc. taking up space. Just make sure to account for all that. Do a test on the new display before starting your work. Having said that, yes, you can develop on a bigger display and keep the window below 800x480 pixels in size.

These APIs may come in handy:

Gtk is built from the ground up to handle automatic layouting of the UI elements, using concepts like boxes, grids, margins, label wrapping and also character count in entries, so you have great UI on all different screens.

My advice is to take advantage of that all and design the application UI to look great on every screen size.

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