GTK Applicability to RHEL 7.9

I am new to Linux. I want to use GTK with my RHEL Server 7.9 OS. When I look at the Installation page for GTK, it says that GTK is for GNU/Linux. Is GNU/Linux a specific type of Linux? Does it include RHEL? Can I install from the GTK repository on the GTK website, or do I need to get it from some RHEL repository? Bottom line question is: What do I need to do to get the latest version of GTK running on my RHEL Server 7.9 system? Thank You

Yes, RHEL is a GNU/Linux distribution. You can install GTK3 on RHEL 7.9 from its repositories, complete with the files needed for development. Not sure, but I think this is the command:

sudo yum install gtk3-devel

Of course the latest is Gtk4

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Of course the latest is Gtk4

Gtk4 is too new and not available in RHEL7. They should use gtk3 instead.

That worked for me.
Thank You

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