Gtk and libhandy going forward

Now that Gtk 4 is almost here with today’s 3.99 release: Have there been discussions between the Gtk and libhandy developers about plans for the future? I remember plans from about a year ago from the libhandy developers wanting to port to Gtk 4 first and then upstream some of their widgets.
There were also conversations about a more general HIG related library which would unify most of the common gnome HIG pattern e.g. in-app-notifications, selection pattern and the likes. How would something like this relate to libhandy?

Basically: has anything happened since last summer regarding Gtk 4+, libhandy and a potential HIG library?


Yes, there have been discussions.

It wouldn’t.

Not really, no.

Libhandy maintainers are well aware of GTK4, but they are currently busy doing a 1.0 release. Once that’s out of the way, they can think about porting to GTK4 and bumping the major version. There has been ongoing work to move some of the requirements for Libhandy into GTK4’s API (especially when it comes to windows and decorations).

The “HIG” library is still up in the air, mostly because designers have been busy elsewhere and there hasn’t been any push into identifying, designing, or writing widgets to implement GNOME HIG patterns.


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