GTK 4 rendering problems on mobile devices with Phosh


I am posting here about an issue that has been encountered on mobile devices running Phosh / Phoc (wayland) / GTK as their graphical frontend. Linux mobile users have been reporting rendering problems with GTK4, as of upgrading past version 4.12.5. These rendering problems only affect dialog windows that are rendered on top of a GTK application.

The reason for posting it here on the Discourse is due to not knowing what component actually is responsible for this issue, or if it is the issue of the distribution maintainer, but it looks to be either a Phoc/Phosh or GTK4 issue.

I have attached a few screenshots demonstrating the rendering problems:

Please let me know where it would be most appropriate to file an issue for these rendering problems, or steps on troubleshooting this, as no one else seems to be picking up this issue at the moment.

I have linked below an open issue from a Linux mobile distribution repository where users have been reporting this issue.