Gtk 4.0 for Debian / Raspberry OS

Hi Folks,
I’m still hoping for Debian to make Gtk 4.0 available for install, but have not been able to reach out to them successfully. How many millions of Raspberry Pi computers have been sold? So there must be other developers like myself who are stuck with Gtk 3.0 for now.
If anyone knows how best to reach out to the makers of Debian Linux about this, I would sure appreciate it.
Thanks for your consideration!

GNOME doesn’t control the packaging schedules of upstream distributions. GNOME 40 along with GTK 4 are in the phase of moving to Testing, so soon they will be out for Testing branch.
However, GTK 4 won’t be included in Debian 11, so be aware of it, if you use Stable branch.
More information on the packaging status and and how you can help can be found here : Gnome - Debian Wiki


Hi, gtk4 (and most of the other parts of gnome 40) are currently available in the Debian experimental distribution: Debian -- Details of source package gtk4 in experimental

Instructions to enable experimental are here: DebianExperimental - Debian Wiki

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