Gtk-3 signals and callback

Dear All,
Good Morning. I have an issue with gtk-3 and I am not sure what is the cause for the following issue?
I have an app with gtk-3 and it displays all widgets. It shows when a radio-button is clicked the “button dot” changing, scroll slider moving when it is moved, and entry button showing when I write a text etc.

I tried the same app in another machine where gtk-3 is installed.
It shows all the widgets correctly, but when I click on a radio button, it understands the signal, but the radio-button dot is not moving to the clicked button. I can see the scroll slider, but when I move the slider, its moving is not visible, when I type on the entry button, I don’t see the text, however it gets a signal to the verify-entry callback.

Can some one let me know what should I look for and what is missing? it works correctly in another machine where the same gtk-3 is installed.

Does this app belong to you?
Could you reduce the app to only reproduce that problem and test it so that we can also check it?

My guess is it has to do something with the installation of gtk-3 different. May be some resource is missing. i
I use the same app in both the machines.

Both are Linux machines identical. It has to do with gtk.

Which app is it? Which versions of gtk-3 are on each machine?

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