gThumb Web Albums

When creating web albums with gThumb, the image is set to 650px wide, which is kind of small for today’s larger monitors. The original image name is appended with medium.jpeg when the album is created, which suggests the existence of a large.jpeg option. If that option exists, I can’t find it.

Is there a way to get the web albums feature to create larger images? I’ve looked through the style.css and image.ghtml files for the theme. I increased the size of the container for the image, but it still gets created at 650px wide.

It appears the the theme files set the size. .small.jpeg are thumbnails and .medium.jpeg are “previews”. There is also preview_min_width and preview_min_height attributes (the non-min version are max sizes). Setting the max sizes to 0 would make it use the original image.

Ugh. I apparently just missed that in the index.ghtml file in the theme. Thanks!

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