GTG 0.4 release coming very soon, need help with testing & marketing (release notes, video)

Hearken! We’re on the verge of being able to release Getting Things GNOME (GTG) 0.4. This would be the first release in over 6 years, bringing it back from the dead. There aren’t many issues left for 0.4. The UI is completely different, it’s now proper headerbar-style GTK3, in addition to being Python3 etc. There are so many improvements, I don’t even know where to start to write release notes¹…

First, I’d like to encourage anyone here to go test the git version of GTG (and maybe help with fixing the build/test documentation if you have time and energy). I haven’t seen critical bugs being reported with the Git version so far, so “torture-test” it please, to be sure there are no critical bugs left.

Secondly, I’m wondering if we have anyone on the engagement team who would have time and willingness to help making a teaser video to celebrate the release. Basically, screencasting various scenes/features of “GTG git” in hiDPI and hopefully animate in Blender using the @Bastianilso ÜberTechnik™ that was used in previous GNOME release videos (see here and here). Notes:

  • The idea here might be to rather do a “super-short-and-simple” teaser in a style similar to this; not forced to have 3D stuff flying around with laptops and phones and whatever, but nice HiDPI panned/angled screencasts with some shallow-depth-of-field could look really classy…
    • I can do part of the work that is video & sound editing, and attempt trailer-style voice narration (if preferred rather than just titles—especially if you end up making a trailer like this) if you want. I just don’t have HiDPI monitors (nor video drivers that can reliably screencast at 4K, I think?) nor Blender skills.
    • In theory, instead of just a teaser I could do a Steve Jobs style live-action demo explaining the app’s features and how it works so awesomely, but I would need to think of a near-perfect script for it, and I fear the timing is too tight for me to accomplish that in a reasonable timeframe for the release. Maybe later for when GTG would actually have a website?

¹: Obviously, making any video at all might depend on writing release notes first, and if nobody shows up to make a video maybe it’ll end up being just written release notes…

  • …but even on that front I would welcome help, at least for digging around to find and synthesize the user-visible changes between GTG 0.3.1 and GTG 0.4—even if you don’t feel at ease with words/copywriting, if you can provide at least a very basic “bullet points” list of changes that we must not forget to mention, that’s already a huuuuge help and I could use that to craft some super-marketingy exciting text.

Normally, if I wasn’t swamped by a bunch of timing-sensitive things already, I’d tend to “JFDI” and try to crunch through all those marketing/engagement tasks by myself, but hey, we have a well-organized engagement team GNOME so I thought I’d ask here: anyone among you (or those you know) with motivation & time on their hands to contribute their analytical & creative marketing skills to this challenge? :wink:


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