Gstreamer crashes if running in Flatpak

I have an app published to FlatHub, which uses GStreamer. It works well until v0.9, when suddenly GStreamer crashes if running inside Flatpak, stopping me from publishing this version to FlatHub.

The pipeline used is:

                                         +--[ queue ] -- [ glsinkbin sink=gtkglsink]
V4l2Src/PipeWireSrc   ------ [ tee ] +
                                         +--[ queue ] -- [ videoconvert ] -- [ video/x-raw,format=GRAY8 ] -- [ appsink ]

The pipeline doesn’t change between v0.8 and v0.9, but now in v0.9, if I change pipeline state to PLAYING, the app crashes (segfault). The app only crashes if running inside Flatpak, not crash if running in traditional way (outside Flatpak). I tried downgrading Gstreamer inside Flatpak to v1.18, v1.16 but the crash still happens.

The main change between v0.8 and v0.9 is that I adopt libhandy v1 to let my app friendly with mobile screen.

Do you have any suggestion to debug or about possible cause?


Could you provide a backtrace of the segfault?


Currenly I’m working on a different laptop and it doesn’t crash.

Maybe the software on my original laptop is damaged. I will reinstall it and come back later.

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