GSoC Ideas for GtkFileChooser

What could be interesting GSoC project ideas related to GtkFileChooser? Now obviously the first thing that comes to mind is adding a GtkGridView “icon-browse” state, however such advanced task may not be a good idea for a newcomer contribution. Perhaps it could be broken into smaller parts like is suggested in the comment in the issue ticket:

  1. port the file system model used by GtkFileChooserWidget from GtkTreeModel to GListModel, using the various models available in GTK4

Or maybe the project could be completely unrelated to above - code cleanup, modernization, removing legacy code. If there is some idea for a project, what would could it involve and what would be the pain points? Do you know anybody who would be interesting in mentoring GtkFileChooser related GSoC project?

I hope this starts some conversation :slight_smile:

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