Gpdwin 3 screen issues

So I got the GPD Win 3. It has been a great device, but a few issues I noticed with Gnome have made it a little difficult. I was hoping some one had an answer.

Basically in order for the GPD Win 3s screen to work I have to force scaling to be 1. If I have it docked to my television with a 4k screen it goes black when the scaling is turned up to 200%.

The GPD Win 3 screen is only 720x1280…I know this is a small screen to run applications at 200%, but I was hoping for a situation where when docked I could have some cool visuals running on the smaller GPD Win 3 screen and then when disconnected snap back to a 100% scaling , or something to that effect.

I can potentially make a bash script to run when the device is unplugged to reset the scaling or something?

Any way to make this process smoother?

If you want to learn more about the process involved in this device some one else has put in a lot of work already figuring out all the little issues. So far they are all almost “solved” with little tweaks. Here is the link quad/win3-resources: Scripts and stuff for my GPD Win 3 - docs/ at master - win3-resources - Gitea

I think it is a great little device and to be fair it works if I always run it at 100% scaling, but on a 4k screen it is pretty awful and if I turn on 200% scaling the display never comes back on. Even if I turn it back to 100% scaling.

This is in a Wayland Ubuntu 21.04 session by the way. Gnome 3.38.5
If some one wants to run some tests with me or something we can matrix or something.

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