Google Season of Docs

Do the documentation team think this would be useful to assist them? Does anyone have ideas for specific projects which could benefit from extra documentation, and specific, self-contained ideas of documentation to add?


I would like to see this! Having people work on our documentation would be amazing.

I also askeed this on gnome-doc-list:

I’ll likely be helping to coordinate other projects for work. I’d be happy to help move things along for GNOME as well. I think the critical first steps are to (1) identify a list of project ideas, and (2) absolutely have names of willing mentors attached to those projects. Here’s a list of project ideas from Google:

The rest of that document is worth a read too.

Sounds like a good opportunity, if we can define project ideas and find

Some ideas for projects that could be worked on, really just an unordered list focused on user docs side of things:

However, a more high-level and pressing issue, though not necessarily falling in the TW category, being:

Someone who has been more active in developer docs land can probably comment more on the devel docs topics, but I believe those would be centered around deploying a new docs site too, fixing API docs, plus updating developer tutorials, etc.

Hi all,

Thank you for your input on this topic.

Let’s fill out the wiki page with any project ideas, and/or if you would like to be a mentor for this program please add your name

Deadline to apply is on April 23, 2019


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