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Hi, I have been using Gnome for quite a while now, but recently (on a new install of Debian) I got to thinking how I would like to change it. On my older distros the aps are sorted in alphabetical order, but in Debian they are not, instead it is possible to click and drag the aps into any order you like. Good stuff. It is also possible to group a number of aps together into a “sub menu” icon, there is one set up on Mint for Utilities, and clicking it brings up a secondary list of programs that can be selected.

Q1. Is it possible to control this behaviour? Can I switch from sorted to unsorted and back again? Are there any other options? Mint allows me to display only often used aps, which is quite useful. But maybe I could set a flag or something on each program icon, and sort in that order? Am I asking too much???

Q2. Can I, and if so how, create my own submenus. I’d like to create one for games for instance, and not have all the games installed by default cluttering up the list. There are a couple of other groupings I’d like to set up too.

I’d like to avoid using a separate tool (like Applications Menu) if possible, and stick to the Gnome tool.

All advice gratefully received.

Hello mogplus8!

Note: You need at least GNOME 3.38, so Debian 11.

No, it is not possible to sort apps except by using drag and drop to arrange the grid as desired. Why do you want to sort? There is this extension for alphabetical sorting. However, if you have enabled this extension, be aware that disabling it does not restore the initial grid (alphabetical sorting is kept).

For apps you tend to use frequently, also use drag and drop to place them on the first page of the grid. You can also pin apps to the dock using drag and drop or by right-clicking on them and selecting “Pin to Dash”.

You can create groups (like the Utilities folder) by dragging one app onto another. Then you can drag other apps to this folder.

@Mikenux thanks for the tips. And thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.

I use dash to dock (best extension ever imho), and have all my really really favourite programs pinned to it for quick access. So I tend to use the application list for apps I don’t use that often, and if they are in alphabetical order they are a bit easier to find. I have installed a lot of stuff over the years, so I have six pages to look for things in, so sorted helps. Although I have to say I use the search feature most of the time to find anything I haven’t pinned to the dock.

Grouping things also helps. Dropping an icon on top of another one must be the only thing I didn’t try. Very useful. I’m going to have some fun with that!

:wink: Ian

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