GnomeBuilder - no more Makefile project import

Hi, ALL,
I have 2 questions about GNOME Builder:

  1. I just installed GB and upon starting I didn’t
    t see an option to open an existing Makefile project. I know it was present in the past.

I presume it was removed?

  1. Last time I was looking at it I didn’t see an option to create dynamic link library {sub}-project…
    Is it here now?

Thank you.

  • Open Builder, “Select a Folder” (middle button, bottom of greeter window).
  • Change the Filter (bottom right drop down of file chooser) to “Makefile”.
  • Browse to the directory containing your root Makefile and select it
  • Click “Open”

Note that there is no standard way to extract build flags from a Makefile so you’re unlikely to get many important features like clang integration for diagnostics/code-completion when using plain Makefiles.

There are not tools yet to modify build targets. It is something that is desired but a huge amount of work to abstract given the number of build systems we support. Contributions certainly desired on this front.

@chergert ,


What about second question?

, pte insterested in a way of creating the library as a sub-project like any other IDE does…

Thank you.