Gnome3 desktop should be more developer orientated

i feel gnome3 is catered to new users, and since linux is a developer operating system kind of, well, its a network operating system but, gnome3 should have a few features for programmers and “hackers” alike

gnome3 seems pretty minimalistic. its fast however, well supported, 3d accelerated, and the premiere desktop for linux as of 2023, i personally havent encountered more then 2 or 3 bugs since gnome3 hit my desktop.

but some features should be modeled on a high level for advanced users, such as a scripting language for internals and gtk/gnome, default zones on screens where terminals pop up for quick console work, gfx, wayland stuff, and an internal database where you can read/set values. these are just quick examples.

basically, i believe microsoft windows is the ideal choice for many users because you can play games and use professional and industrial software flawlessly, making it essential for working in a professional field. for linux its a more diverse field, and since linux doesnt have many apps for many uses, and linux is considered development focused as of 2023 so i feel its plausable for gnome3 to cater to advanced users needs.

It’s not restricted to any specific group.

GNOME extensions allow you to change the behavior of GNOME Shell. GTK is, well, a library. You have to write code to make things with it at all.


This already exists :slight_smile:

It’s considered that by you.

thanks for the reply, sorry if these things look like i didnt google them first because after a tragedy i stopped trusting search engines

hope these posts and threads didnt come off like a troll

if you want the partial story, i was googling normal stuff and i started getting some disturbing results

Be careful on the Interwebs my friend

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