Gnome x.38 does not need the dash,

With the merge of the {frequent] with [all], and our ability to shuffle icons, I see that I can put all my favourites that were on the dash, to page1 of the display.
Since Page1 (as I set up my 37.x ) beta, has my favourites as the first page, first row, I now no longer need the dash at all. but, all that I would like to have is the [;;;] button on the dash, relocated on the top panel left side.
Doing that addition would eliminate the dash and all the unecessary code to support same.

Please consider providing a way to eliminate the dash.

By the way, extension “taskbar2020” (gnome 36) works better or as well as extension dash-to-doc.


I’m not clear how your suggesting people access the applications list?

Prior to gnome 3.37, (eg 3.36), we would click on the top corner and that would open the dash. We would descend to the dash where we clicked the application icon. [;;;] to present one of two windows, “Frequent” or “All”.

With the proposed gnome 3.38, the “Frequent” and “All” windows are merged. The total of the icons are organized into display pages. The Gnome 3.38 pages of app icons allow the icons to be relocated, shuffled. The app icons do not have to be in alphabetical order. You can shuffle them around to different display pages…

If you take remove the dash icons and shuffle the same icons so they are on the first page of displays, what will remain on the dash is one solitary icon, the [;;;].

Well, if that icon was relocated relocated to the top left corner of the screen, you would not need the dash at all. And for every launch of an application, you would save two mouse-clicks.

I am suggesting, get rid of the dash and relocate the “application icon” to the top left corner.

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Concept #1: Activities / Apps - 1 button

Top panel buttons:

  • Activities / Apps - a single button to access the overlay mode for activities and apps.

Bottom switcher:

  • Open / Frequent / All - switch between Activities / Apps.


  • Always show the switcher in the overlay mode.
  • The default switcher position is Open if any app is open, otherwise Frequent.

Concept #2: Activities & Apps - 2 buttons

Top panel buttons:

  • Activities - the overlay mode for Activities.
  • Apps - the overlay mode for Apps.

Bottom switcher:

  • Frequent / All - switch between Apps.


  • 1 less click to access Apps.

General notes:

  • Pinning/Starring an app should add it to Frequent/Favorite Apps.
  • It might be worth enabling WindowOverlay Icons by default to better distinguish between applications in the overlay mode.

Gnome 3.8 does not have any [frequent][all]; It just has “all”, and you are free to rearrange all the icons according to your preferences.

with the radio buttons (on the right) representing pages of icons.
You can move icons around, from one page to another or make your favourite icons the top row of page1 list of icons. You can merge icons into a group.

If all the icons that are in the dash are re-positioned to be in the first row of window 1, then why bother with the dash. The top right corner should just open the display to window1. The dash is redundant.

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The Gnome 37.x feature has the favourite application list in the dash, click on application list icon to open the display to window 1. It iwill display page1).

With Gnome 37, all the icons in the display can be permenantly moved/shuffled from one display page to another. Review the dash, and then open the window display page and move the icons that are listed in the dash, to window 1, top row(s).

Step 2

remove all the favourites from the dash. What you have left in the dash is the application list icon.
clicking on it will bring up the display window with the favourite applications showing first.

remove the dash, it serves no purpose.
Make the top left corner have the application list[;;;] function.Make the top left corner a toggle for application list.


slide mouse to top left corner. The effect causes the window display to open with list of icons.
click on the icons on display page 1 that you placed there, to launch the program.

Benefit of change.

One mouse pointer slide to top left, one click to launch an application.

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