GNOME Wiki: Every page is shown as “immutable”

Is there a reason why all pages in the GNOME Wiki are displayed as “immutable”? I have attempted to edit more than one page, but always the same “immutable” label appears.

Yes: spam. Unfortunately, without an additional ACL we’d be overloaded by spammers.

Your wiki user name must be listed on the TrustedEditorGroup page in order to have write access to the wiki.

If you tell us your wiki username, we can add you to the group.

In the unlikely event that you turn out to be a spammer, we can just remove you again, after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the info, Emanuele.

Thank you for your help, Michael. I have just created a wiki username that mirrors the username I use here (i.e., “madmurphy”). If you wish to add me that is the username you are looking for.


(This useless sentence is here to avoid Discourse’s post length limit. This is stupid, Discourse!)

It’s not “stupid”, unless you want to start seeing topics with no explanations.

You can use the “heart”, or send a private message instead of replying.


Thanks a lot!

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