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I am a medium-term GNOME user (3 years already? Wow!) but new account. I’m trying to fix an item in the GNOME Terminal FAQ, but I need my Wiki account activated first. It appears I need to be added to the Trusted Editors page first.

I found the GNOME Discourse and thought I would ask here. Will someone please activate my account? I’m a human; I have a spirit. :wink: My wiki user name is KlipKyle (CamelCased just like that).

The thing I’m trying to fix: In the section “How can I move the scroll bar to the left side of the window” on Apps/Terminal/FAQ, the CSS selector should be terminal-screen-container, not TerminalScreenContainer. I just tested this locally, and the hack works nicely.

I’ve added you to that group. You should now also be able to add others. Just creating a topic here was enough effort. The group is only in use because of all of the spammers. Ideally it would be really essy to contribute. Feel free to add other users to the group. And mistakes are ok, so just assume people mean well (except the spammer bots!)


Thank you! And I totally understand. There’s no easy way to fight spammers.

This seems like a good opportunity to use the chance and kindly ask to get also edit rights on the wiki. Occasionally I stumble upon sites which could need a little update and then I’m missing the editing capabilities but never managed to get certified as it seemed “to much” effort just for the small change. So please, I’m “GeorgHackel” at the wiki and I really like to help to get this little nasties fixed.


(Here are some more characters, because my Discourse post must be at least 20 characters, which is silly.)

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