Gnome weird experience

Hello everyone, I just had a strange experience with gnome applications. Am using Fedora 37. I had the default theme as dark but the terminal is displaying in light. I checked the terminal theme and it was also in dark. Also, the gnome applications icons are not colored now. My vs code just abruptly changed to a weird theme.

Sounds like you somehow turned on “High Contrast”. You can use the top bar menu to turn it off again:

Screenshot from 2023-04-12 15-13-25

Thanks @fmuellner, I don’t even know how I turned this on. I even changed my vs code theme, I can’t even recall it

VS Code does things like that. On my system it

  • disables “Show hidden files” option of nautilus whenever I do file management inside VS Code,
  • messes up GNOME’s window focus mechanism (for as long as it is open) so that I can’t use visual block mode of vim (or any text editor that emulates vim’s behavior for that matter).

It’s weird.

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