GNOME Weather - opinions on how useful it is, coverage-wise?

Hey y’all,

I’m curious about how people feel in regards to the stock weather app’s city coverage.

There’s this issue for it -
which takes me to Projects/LibGWeather - GNOME Wiki!
which leads to Projects/LibGWeather/ImprovingLocations - GNOME Wiki!
that has “We usually prefer to only list cities with at least 100 thousand inhabitants[…]” in it.

Taking city data from Downloadable Geographic Databases |, I did some calculations:

population no of cities percentage
<100000 37236 88.28%
>=100000 4945 11.72%
total 42181

So, assuming libgweather has all cities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants in it, it would actually be usable to people wanting weather info for ~12% of total cities in the world. Not so nice.

Me personally, I cannot use the app, because my town isn’t returned in the search results.

Then there’s this issue -
which makes sense to me.

Taken together with the recent Apple announcement with its weather service, available via API as well for, frankly, any device or OS, I think this might work for the GNOME app, wouldn’t it?

I don’t find it accurate at all. I would prefer the option to use various online weather sites, similar to Online Accounts.

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