GNOME Tweaks in GNOME 45

GNOME Tweaks has just released 45.0 and 42.0 for GNOME 42-45.

  • 42.0 targets GNOME 42-44 but will run correctly under GNOME 45. Some settings will overlap with GNOME Settings, but nothing should be broken or otherwise not functioning.
  • 45.0 (perhaps obviously) targets GNOME 45.0+

45.0 focuses on dropping settings that are now found in GNOME Settings and includes under-the-hood work to prep for the GTK4 port. Some interface refreshments are included as part of that work.

42.0 removes a broken setting (lockscreen wallpapers) and includes translation updates. If you are wondering something along the lines of “why on earth is 42.0 being released now”, I’ve included context in the NEWS but the gist is: 42.beta was the 42 “release” as there we no changes. Going forward I will avoid this confusing jumble.

For rolling release distributions you should adopt Tweaks 45.0, for distributions with fixed release schedules staying with 42.0 is an option if need be.

Tweaks 46.0 in GNOME 46 will likely include the GTK4 port and should adhere closer to the normal release cadence.


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