GNOME Track in esLibre 2020

Hi all,

This Friday (18th of September) GNOME will be virtually present in esLibre conference with a dedicated track that will run all day.
Please check the schedule here
There will be 3 talks and a newcomers workshop.

◦ 11:00: Daniel Garcia Moreno.
Flatpak for developers: Introduction to Flatpak use for compiling, debugging, CI, etc.
◦ 12:00: Carlos Garnacho.
GTK4: 2020 had to bring something good, at the end of the year GTK 4.0 will be released.
This talk will go through the highlights and paradigm changes compared to GTK3.
◦ 13:00: Florian Mullner. GNOME Shell
◦ 16:00: Taller Newcomers:
Learn to make your very own first contribution to GNOME (people interested should let us know in our telegram group GNOME Hispano).
◦ 18:00: Alvaro Peña. GNOME technologies in embedded environments. Experiences in the industry, uses, misuses and perspectives.

We will have our own room in BBB,, and also our own room in rocketchat

NOTE: This conference will be held in Spanish.


Hi @kprogri,

Interesting topics.

Will these talks be available in YouTube GNOME channel, with English captions ?


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Hi @crvi

I am not sure about this. I would suggest you to get in touch with one of the speakers as they might have more info on how the organizing team will handle the recordings.

thank you!

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Update: Someone from the team will record talks and the conference will render them for us.
If the recording is good we will put it in the GNOME channel.
Spanish team will look into the English captions as well!


Thanks for the quick update Kristi.

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