Gnome-todo propagates changes immediatly but doesn't receive them (Online Accounts related, possibly)

Hi all,

TL;DR first!

issue: managing my CalDav tasks from gnome-todo produces changes, albeit they are reflected on every connected app (phone and tablet) EXCEPT gnome-todo

trigger: creating a new list or task on gnome-todo.

expected behavior: immediate update on the app.

actual behavior: I see the changes I write from gnome-todo everywhere EXCEPT on gnome-todo. The same happens if I create the task on another app: changes are reflected everywhere but gnome-todo.
Eventually it syncs, but it’s too wide a timespace for me to register it. It gives the illusion of aleatoriety.

Longer description:
I’m using gnome-todo to manage my CalDAv tasks on my Nextcloud server. Any action (erasing, creating, updating a task) that I take from the desktop (where I’m using GNOME) is immediately seen in my CalDAv linked apps on my Android devices. But not on the app! I even created a new list, saw it on my tasks Android app moments later, and it wouldn’t appear on my gnome-todo where I just created it!

This also applies to the case where I create a task in and Android app. Changes don’t seem to appear on gnome-todo despite being visible anywhere else.

I believe this may have something to do with how GNOME/Online Accounts manage the transfer of information, because it seems to sometimes happen with the gnome-calendar, albeit way more rarely

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Considering that this topic is phrased as a bug report, I strongly suggest you file an issue on GitLab.

I will! Thanks for guiding me via mail and via forum! Next time I’ll be more concise

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