Gnome-terminal window id cannot be found by xdotool nor wmctrl

System: Fedora Linux 37 (Workstation Edition)
Kernel: Linux 6.2.8-200.fc37.x86_64
GNOME Shell: 43.3

As the topic states, neither of those commands can find the id of an opened terminal window.

I have two terminals opened, but according to those commands they are not there:

wmctrl -l
0x00800006 0 ITx220 1yZmw0-uswmWXZ9Hd7VMzavnFNtqhW0m5 [Zablokowana] - KeePassXC
0x02200003 0 ITx220 Title: Prompt Creator Assistance. — Osobisty — Microsoft​ Edge
0x03000003 0 ITx220 - myscripts (Workspace) - Visual Studio Code
0x00e0000a 0 ITx220 #welcome | GNOME - Discord

xdotool search --shell --name ^.Terminal.$

Am I missing something?

You are probably using the (default) wayland session. Both xdotool and wmctl are X11 tools, so they don’t work with native wayland clients.

Oh. I see. Are there xdtool / wmctl like tools for wayland? Also, why do both of those tools recognize some windows and some not? If they were not supposed to work with Wayland how come is that possible?

Because those applications likely use X11, via XWayland, and so they appear as X11 clients to X11 applications. GNOME Terminal works as a Wayland client, so it does not appear as an X11 client to other X11 clients.

Not really. Not giving a client access to all other clients that are connected to the same display server is one of the selling points of wayland.

On GNOME, you can use extensions to hook into window management.

Because you can still run X11 clients in a wayland session, and those are visible to other X11 clients (like those tools).

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