GNOME Software says that GIMP have no localization

This is probably a dumb discussion of mine so I choose to not report on the GitLab tracker. In short:

I noticed that in GNOME Software 46 a banner says that GIMP is a “English-only” app:

But the description of the app is translated to Portuguese and the app itself have portuguese support so the banner is wrong.

There is something that we need to add in GIMP appstream metadata to fix that banner? desktop/ · gimp-2-10 · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab

Looks like it could be this metadata: Catalog Metadata | AppStream | AppStream 1.0

It should not be hand-made though, but generated from the list of languages and with completion percentages extracted (like it’s done for the manual for instance in:

Patches appreciated.

Reading the top of that page I think the lang tag is for downstream usage, like for software catalogs.

For single packages it looks like Upstream Metadata | AppStream | AppStream 1.0 is enough. (GIMP already has <translation type="gettext">gimp20</translation>, so one would expect it to be fine.

When testing I saw many programs with the AmE banner in gnome-software (Boxes, Builder, ghex, Maps and dozens others), so I will file a bug there when I have thought some more about it. I would expect most packages to have over 50% that I saw was the threshold.

An answer to an older bug report suggests the translation percentages are calculated at Flathub Gnome Software says there ins't a translation to languages already translated. (#2242) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-software · GitLab

GIMP 2.10 pt_BR have 81% coverage according to Dammed Lies.

I also got the banner on many different modules that should be translated, interestingly not on GIMP. Might be something that changed with language detection on Flathub, but I’m not sure, so started out with an issue against gnome-software:

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Seems that it is a problem in either flathub or appstream: Appstream data for several programs missing languages · Issue #5272 · flathub/flathub (