[gnome-software] Maximum size of a screenshot in AppStream metadata

I do create AppStream metadata and testing it with your software center via gnome-software --show-metainfo my.xml.

It seems that gnome-software center can not handle screenshots of regular size. The AppStream specs do not name a maximum size of a screenshot. They only recommend a 16:9 ratio.

The first screenshot you see here is OK. It is 960x540.
But the second one is cropped. It is 1280x720.

Any suggestions how to handle that? To me 1280x720 is a regular size.
Is this a restriction of “gnome-software”? I wasn’t able to test that appdata on another software center.

My fault. It is not cropped.
It was cropped before in the process. Something went wrong when taking that snapshot. It seems to me that the snapshot tool used the size of the active mainwindow (hidden behind) instead of the open dialog.

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