GNOME Software feature request: Shareable app links

Something I really like about iOS and Android is how easy it is to share a link to install an app. It’s not only convenient, but important to the success of their app ecosystem. If someone wants to advertise their app, they’ll need a link to install it. If a user wants to share an app with their friend, it’s a lot nicer if they can simply send a link for them to click on which brings them to a download page. Currently, we can only send a screenshot, which is alright, but not ideal. The Software app doesn’t even allow sharing the Flathub URL. I think, preferably, Software would handle URLs for application pages, so you can click a link to open an app page in Software. There, should then be a dedicated share button to copy the app link to the clipboard. Even if this was exclusive to Flatpak apps, it would make a huge difference!


I wish the GNOME Software app had a button to share this link, though… So you can click a share button and copy the link to the clipboard, for instance

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