Gnome-Shell used me lots of random acess memory, Is it normal?

today morning, when I use my computer, the while desktop are very lag, and I check the system moniter.

gnome-shell used me 9.5Gb, dose anyone encounter the problem?
I used pkill gnome to solved the problem, I want to know the process had memory leak?

here is my computer info

Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz × 6 
OS name: ubuntu 22.0 LTS
OS type: 64bit
Gnome version: 42.1
Windowing System: X11

//sorry my english :sweat_smile:

Yup, gnome-shell is definitely using a lot of memory and it is not normal. For example, gnome-shell on my system (Manjaro with GNOME 42.1) is using 147 MB of memory.

My guess is that some shell extension is causing this. Disable all extensions and then restart and see if this happens again.

Now, I disabled all the extensions, but the ram still growing on gnome-shell
so I think this process cant current clear RAM on my computer :frowning:

Should I check anything else?

Did you reboot after disabling the extensions?

Not yet, I will reboot after my program finished

Check it again AFTER rebooting. These kind of problems require reboot to get fixed.

Thanks, I felt much better, so this problem is from ubuntu extensions?
I should report this problem to ubuntu…

Yes, but you’ll have to figure out which extension is the culprit.

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