Gnome shell extensions GUI docs?

Hi people,

after asking this question:

I am at a total loss as to where documentation is located for the Slider widget. I understand I cannot use a gtk scale, but it is totally unclear to me why (extensions run within gnome?) and above all, I could not find documentation anywhere about this Slider.

Inside the “Creating gnome extensions guide” there is a link to

After painstakingly selecting all the 135 libs to search from, there is no result when searching for “Slider”.

Ideas? I am really keen on writing an extension, but I am blocked right now.

Hi, the Architecture page should explain this situation a bit better, specifically the section on JavaScript.

JavaScript classes are not documented in the GNOME API docs, because simply put they are not API but internal to GNOME Shell. The Popup Menu classes in particular are fairly stable, but no one has contributed documentation for them on as of yet.

The Slider class is a standalone widget which may be placed inside a PopupMenuItem. You can see a demonstration of that in the StreamSlider class used by the volume panel widget.

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