Gnome Shell Extension

After running the following code in terminal I get the error,

const {Soup,GLib, Gio} =;

let session = new Soup.Session();

const message =‘GET’,‘’);

session.send(message, null);

const response_headers = message.get_response_headers();

JS ERROR: TypeError: message.get_response_headers is not a function

(gjs:8837): Gjs-CRITICAL **: 12:08:35.328: Script hello.js threw an exception

Are you using Soup 2? What’s the GNOME Shell version?

Soup.Message.get_response_headers is Soup 3 (GNOME Shell >=43).

I am using GNOME Shell 42.5. I am using Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS. Is it possible to upgrade to Gnome shell 43?
Thank you.

Use Fedora 37 or wait for a week so you can upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04 which is shipping GNOME Shell 44.
Fedora 38 with GNOME Shell 44 should be released at the end of this month too.

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