Gnome-shell extension auto-move-windows doesn’t move windows

I’m on debian 11 bullseye and use the following gnome shell package: gnome-shell (3.38.6-1~deb11u1).
My issue is the following: After installing the extension “auto-move-windows” I created some rules for it within the extension windows. I assigned my terminal emulator to workspace 1, Firefox to workspace 2 and so on.
When I now start an application it always launches on the active workspace. Not on the assigned workspace. The only application that obeys to the pre defined rule is a self written .desktop file that opens a shell script that opens a qt program.

Could it be, that my gnome-shell version is too old?

IMPORTANT: If I press alt+f2 and r to reload gnome the applications are “sorted” to their respective workspace. So the rules apply, but only when I reload gnome, not when an application gets launched.

Please help.

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Same here on Fedora 38.
For most apps it works, for some it doesn’t - notably Geary and Fractal.
There are issues at the bug tracker ,
which didn’t catch attention, it seems.

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