Gnome-shell animation performance drops dramatically under 20% battery life

Fedora 31, gnome-shell 3.34.2, mutter 3.34.2, Wayland

I have a Dell XPS 9370, containing a integrated UHD 620, a i7 8550U and 16GB RAM. Normally, my animations in gnome are perfectly fine and not laggy, expect when my battery life drops under 20%. Then, the animation performance get super bad.
As I am chasing this problem for over 6 months already, I checked nearly all Intel power saving features (including automatic disabling of turbo, automatic lowering of the maximum CPU frequency…) and read a lot of documentation about their registers but nothing seem to change on this side under 20% battery life remaining.

Therefore, I decided to generate to sysprof capture, one with under 20% battery life and one with over 20% battery life. As I am not able to upload those files here, I added screenshots for now (if there is any way to upload the complete sysprof files, please let me know):

Under 20% battery life remaining:

Over 20% battery life remaining:

Those were generated the following way:

  1. Have a terminal, sysprof, libreoffice-calc and g-c-c open
  2. Trigger the icon spring animation three times (~first 12 seconds)
  3. Trigger the window overview animation three times (~next 10 seconds)
  4. Scroll two time form the first workspace in the animation overview to the second and back (~next 10 seconds

The only thing which is really outstanding for me, is the additional time spend with I/O operations in the under 20% battery life case. Even though I don’t really understand why the gnome-shell does that amount of I/O, this goes together with the fact that gnome-shell also gets very laggy for me under a lot of I/O load.

So, does anybody have an idea what is going on here and how to potentially fix it?

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