GNOME Settings: OpenVPN data-ciphers field missing

In recent versions of OpenVPN, the cipher field has been replaced by data-ciphers.

This fixes it in the base package:

However, a data-ciphers field is missing in gnome-control-center, forcing users to add the data-ciphers field in the NM connection file in /etc/NetworkManager/system=connections manually.

There is a fix in NetworkManager-openvpn that copies cipher to data-ciphers; however, the GUI should accommodate the new option.

gnome-control-center shows the GTK UI provided by the VPN plugin (the same UI is shown by nm-connection-editor).

First of all, you would need a version of nm-openvpn which has support for data-ciphers (no release exists yet, with that feature). Then, nm-openvpn plugin needs to expose the field in the GUI. Which it currently does not.

This seems a rather esoteric feature, especially since the user can just use the cipher option, which is in the GUI. What’s the problem with setting the cipher option in nm-openvpn? Sure, you cannot add multiple data-ciphers, but do you need that? What is the problem with setting cipher in the UI? Maybe that problem should be solved, instead of adding another UI field.

In any case, the way to improve nm-openvpn is by sending patches and suggestions to

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