Gnome session freeze and CPU usage spikes

Hi all !
I use Gnome (customized with Gnome version related extensions) on Fedora Silverblue on several laptops.
Mainly my use cases are web browsing and basic office work.
RAM is managed by Fedora and there is plenty unusued (hardware provides 8Gb + RAM)

Frequently Gnome freezes for a half second each 10 to 15 seconds. At the same time it seems related with CPU usage spikes visible with system-monitor.

Restarting the Gnome session will make the spikes sometimes disappear, sometimes not…

How to diagnose thoses freezes ? Identify what could be the cause(s) ? And eventually eradicate them…

Thanks !

Session freeze and CPU usage spikes mainly occur on a HP Pavilion 13-s143nf laptop from 2016
Could it be video drivers related ?

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