GNOME Schedule Python 3 Port

Since gnome-schedule was long dormant project and python 2.7 and GTK+2 was long due obsolete. I decided to port gnome-schedule to python 3.x and GTK+3. It works the same as the original one however, date time picker on AT editor does not work for unknown reason. I need some help to fix that error by making a pull request

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Good job reviving this project!

I do have a few recommendations:

  • you should port to GTK4 and libadwaita
  • you should use an actual build system, like Meson, instead of replicating the file system structure
  • you should really consider renaming the project; using β€œGNOME” is generally reserved to applications that are part of GNOME, to avoid creating issues with the GNOME trademark and project

You probably want to read the following:

Feel free to open new topics for your questions!

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  1. Yes it has a new name: gTock
  2. I currently no talent for icon design
  3. I have no idea how to use meson for now
    4-7. It will be fully independent application as possible with less dependencies

The fork of gnome-schedule has been republished under the name gTock.


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