GNOME remote desktop RDP problem with Apache Guacamole

Hi all,

I’m giving desktop Linux another try, one big stumbling block for me last time was that I couldn’t find any remote desktop solutions that fit my needs. I have an Apache Guacamole docker on my unRAID server and a reverse proxy, so I can RDP into my Windows PC at home from my work PC (setting up my own VPN on a work PC would not be allowed). I was hoping that the new headless remote desktop feature of GNOME 46 would let me do the same thing, but I’ve been having a devil of a time getting it working. I’m on Arch.

I enabled remote login from the Settings app, and set a username and password. Remmina (also on my unRAID server) and mstsc.exe are able to connect just fine, but for some reason it won’t work with Guacamole. I have “Ignore server certificate” checked and the Security mode set to “Any,” though I’ve also tried all the other options. When I attempt to login from Guacamole, it prompts for username and password, but then errors out with “The remote desktop server is currently unreachable. If the problem persists, please notify your system administrator, or check your system logs.” My guacamole logs show:

`guacd[25]: INFO: Creating new client for protocol "rdp"`
`guacd[25]: INFO: Connection ID is "[redacted]"`
`guacd[654]: INFO: Security mode: Negotiate (ANY)`
`guacd[654]: INFO: Resize method: display-update`
`guacd[654]: INFO: No clipboard line-ending normalization specified. Defaulting to preserving the format of all line endings.`
`guacd[654]: INFO: User "@[redacted]" joined connection "[redacted]" (1 users now present)`
`guacd[654]: INFO: Loading keymap "base"`
`guacd[654]: INFO: Loading keymap "en-us-qwerty"`
`guacd[654]: INFO: RDP server closed/refused connection: Server refused connection (wrong security type?)`
`guacd[654]: INFO: User "[redacted]" disconnected (0 users remain)`
`guacd[654]: INFO: Last user of connection "[redacted]" disconnected`
`guacd[25]: INFO: Connection "[redacted]" removed.`

The logs of the Arch machine I’m trying to remote into don’t seem to show anything relevant, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for.

On the advice of some other threads, I’ve also tried deleting Guacamole’s “known_hosts2” file, but that had no effect.

Has anyone else gotten the GNOME remote desktop to work with Guacamole, and can provide me with some guidance? Please use small words, I’m still relatively new to Linux.

bump. Got the same symptoms running Fedora 40.

According to a commenter on the post I made on reddit:

Had the same problem - build from source (clone apache/guacamole-server + docker build) works, so I guess the fix is in main

I don’t know how to do those words yet, but once I do I’ll be all set!