GNOME Podcasts Storage

I like GNOME Podcasts for its minimalism, but unfortunately on the storage managing point of view, this minimalism is to radical : when I download a podcast, the download button is replaced by a play one. But there is no option to delete a podcast.

My question is therefore the folowing : where can I find the storage location of GNOME Podcasts in Nautilus in order to delete the programs I no longer want on my computer ?

Thanks in advance :relaxed:


Unless something went terribly wrong, the application should be deleting episodes on its own once you are done with them. I don’t recall the heuristics on top of my head but you shouldn’t need to worry about the storage in general.

The downloads are stored under $XDG_DATA/gnome-podcasts/Downloads. If you installed using Flatpak that should end bu be ~/.var/app/org.gnome.Podcasts/data/gnome-podcasts/Downloads/

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