GNOME Planner over-committing of project resources

Hello, I have found Gnome Planner useful to plan scientific projects and produce Gantt charts for research grant applications however there is some apparently missing functionality that I would like to enquire about in case I am just not using the software properly. When tasks are set to start as soon as possible, Planner seems not to take into account available resources. So for example two tasks that have 100% of a resource committed to them (e.g. 100% of the time of a worker) start at the same time, meaning that worker is being employed at 200%. Really one task should start first and the other task shouldn’t start until the previous one is finished, since they are sharing a finite resource. Is Planner capable of doing this? At present, I have to sort that out by hand and that’s not very useful for the day-to-day running of a project. Thanks for your help.

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