Gnome panel calendar bug

since i updated to gnome 45, my Calendar looks squished. no round icons. btw using qstweak extension. even with no extensions looks the same. using endeavour os gnome 45. tried reinstalling gnome, tried reset config, removing extensions and themes. nothing fixed it

Maybe you are using (or have used) an app like GDM Settings | Flathub?

This smells like an outdated theme override, and if you aren’t using any extensions, that’s the best bet.

No I never used that app. even when disabling gnome extensions nothing fixed it. I did use a theme in gnome 44 that would link with an extension. the theme and extension name is Material You Color Themeing. Could that be the issue? how do i fix it?

Another source of problems like this can be if you have installed a gdm theme. If so, uninstall that and reinstall the gnome-shell package.

that worked!! thank you so much

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