Gnome OS installer doesn't start on Gnome-boxes

I downloaded the gnome os installer iso file and booted with the boxes I downloaded from the flatpak. however, gdm could not be started and I was able to open the tty with the key combination ctrl+alt+f2, but I could not log in because I did not know the username and password. Can you tell me the username and password for the gnome os installer iso file or how I can open gdm otherwise?
‘note: i am turkish and i use translation for english.’

I think there’s no username and password because you’re supposed to add one at first login.

It doesn’t exist a default root password either. See if this wiki page can help you:

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I wanted to enter root password with tty because gdm could not start. so why doesn’t gdm work on boot from the latest iso file? is there a solution to this?
When gdm doesn’t start it gets stuck here smfgs76.png

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