(I originally posted this question in the issues section on gitlab for gnome-network-displays, but the only response I received is that they won’t address my questions there, I need to post them here.)

Computer is running Ubuntu 22.04.4 (Wayland), NetworkManager version is 1.36.6, gnome shell 42.5, I installed Gnome Network Displays flatpak version 0.92.1, and I have a Roku 4 with screen sharing enabled.

When I start Gnome Network Displays, it finds the Roku 4, but connection always fails. Nothing appears on the TV screen, and all GND shows is the word “Error”.

  1. When I installed Ubuntu, I didn’t deviate from the normal installation. So, I see that neither mutter nor x264 are installed. Am I correct in thinking I should install them? But I don’t know how that might neagtively affect other things in the OS, or mess up any future updates. (The application “Door Knocker” says that the portal for screen casting is available/green.)
  2. I would like simply to test things. I saw this: “For testing purposes you can run with NETWORK_DISPLAYS_DUMMY=1 set. In that case, a dummy sink will be provided that allows connecting on localhost using any RTSP capable client to test WFD streaming. You can connect to rtsp://localhost:7236/wfd1.0 then.” But, I don’t know what that means. What is the terminal command I enter to provide the “dummy sink”? (I also saw this: “Run gnome-network-displays with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all”, but I don’t know how to enter that command into the terminal to do this, either.) When I run flatpak run org.gnome.NetworkDisplays NETWORK_DISPLAYS_DUMMY=1, I get this error message: *(gnome-network-displays:2): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL *: 22:39:52.410: This application can not open files.

And then, once I’ve finally got that all working, do I enter the rstp URL in a browser window on the same computer, expecting to see what is being cast from the computer’s monitor???

  1. Here is the output of nmcli device, I’m not sure from the instructions what my next step should be:
DEVICE             TYPE      STATE                   CONNECTION           
ipv6leakintrf0     dummy     connected               pvpn-killswitch-ipv6 
enp5s0             ethernet  connected               Wired connection 1   
tun0               tun       connected (externally)  tun0                 
wlo1               wifi      connected               dpn0000              
lxcbr0             bridge    connected (externally)  lxcbr0               
74:74:46:C0:F2:E5  bt        disconnected            --                   
p2p-dev-wlo1       wifi-p2p  disconnected            --                   
lo                 loopback  unmanaged               -- 

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