Gnome need a option about total data usage over ethernet and over wifi

this is a very important feature for those who use limited data cap like 1000gb or 2000gb per month having a counter like android have it helps calculate how much data i have used in last day or so and if it have a better view like which app used how much it will be awesome.
what others thought on this help me and so i will make a feature request. and if others want top help they can.

There is already the data cap for mobile networks in the mockups (network/network-settings.png · master · Teams / Design / settings-mockups · GitLab). I see no reason not to have it for other connections.

I think you should look into the statistics stuff that systemd offers. Basically, we would need to enable that system wide and also within the user to collect the data.

I suspect, you want to set DefaultIPAccounting= system wide, and also (systemd-system.conf and possibly systemd-user.conf). I am not sure whether accounting works within the user, which we would need to resolve the information per-application.

And, if that works, one would need a small utility that collects the statistics and stores them between application runs/boots. Which will need to run both system wide and per-user.

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we already does this on system monitor we need to retain and make it into maybe in settings so it can easily seen like android does.

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