GNOME Music can't be listed as a default music player

I’m not sure what GNOME Music actually is. Is is a music/audio player, or a music library that only looks at the Musics folder? It’s also not listed as an option in song files “Open with…” context dialog.


GNOME Music isn’t a file player. It knows your local music collection (in ~/Music) and you can select the albums, tracks or playlists to play in the app itself. Not from your file manager.

If you want a file player that you can use from your file manager I think Amberol does that.

See this merge request

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Isn’t it just a music library then?

If that is how you would call an app that plays and organizes your music collection, then sure.

I think it’s better described as a library instead of a player because you can always use it to organize your music collection, but not always to play files. Rhythmbox, VLC and others are the other way around, you can always use them to play any music and video files.

For comparison, to me calling GNOME Music a player would be like calling Nautilus a image viewer instead of a file organizer.

Either way, I’ll take a look at Amberol, thanks for the suggestion!

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